educators and librarians

Highlights of Workshop on “Creating a vibrant library”

held on 26-27 september

NEET in collaboration with CTA

Organized by NEET in collaboration with the Department of Education, CTA (Central Tibetan Administration), this workshop/meeting was for the librarians and library in-charge of the Sambhota Tibetan Schools (STSs) in India.


Eight teachers and librarians from STSs across the three states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Odisha participated in the event coordinated by Sonam Gangsang, Department of Education, CTA; Risha Borooah of NEET facilitated the meeting.


The workshop on creating a vibrant library was designed to foster a thorough learning experience, both theoretical and practical, for the participants.All this was geared towards envisioning a library that is a welcoming, interesting space for children.

Feedback from the Participants

Feedback from the participants included their appreciation of the workshop’s interactivity, the learning on activities like read-alouds that are especially important for primary and secondary schools, the lack of pressure and the pleasant, friendly atmosphere which made it easier for them to relax and absorb new learnings. Some participants thought the workshop would have benefitted from being a longer one, with more time to tackle their queries and for aspects such as the problems librarians face.


  • Participants engaged with children’s literature and activities that create interest amongst children in the act of reading – a book treasure hunt, book games such as book charades where each participant had to enact the name of book with the other participants guessing the name of the book.
  • They went through the process of selecting and buying books from a bookstore, participated in a make-believe book auction, listened to read-alouds, discussed favourite books, did group book reviews.