NEET's Community Library​

Timings: 11 a.m – 4 p.m


 NEET’s Community library set up in 2018 contains a rich collection of age and interest appropriate, contextually suited books to enable children to connect with their lived experiences. Around 200 students from nearby areas are enrolled in the library. We encourage children to explore their abilities of critical thinking and expression through activities like interactive talks and sessions with local young writers, theatre personalities and artists, educational visit to different areas of interest like Assam State Museum, Children’s Film Festival, Book Fairs, Kite festival, Planetarium and so on. Regular training courses and workshops are held on mime, art and crafts, theatre, singing and dancing. 

Why a Community Library?

  • To provide children, youth and community members with a space where they can explore and relate their inner world of imagination to their external physical world.
  • A space where they can explore their multiple identities, understand and question so that they can reflect and make meaning out of their lived realities. 
  • To develop their abilities of analytical and critical thinking by engaging in activities like read-alouds, books-talks, reading ,theatre, science experiments,  art and craft, music, dance and so on.
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Skit from Story
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Rohit making story out of pictures
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Abhijit experimenting with his creation