Research and Documentation

Philosophical implications of classroom practices

A case study of an organization, Digantar, which runs two alternative schools, was done to analyse the interconnections between a school’s educational aims and its practices. This involved in-depth classroom and school observations coupled with interviews of teachers, children and community members. The findings were presented at the 7th International CESI (Comparative Education Society of India) Conference titled ‘Comparative Educational Destinies: Visions, Dilemmas and Challenges’, on 21 November 2016.

Repository of child friendly education practices

by documenting the philosophy, curriculum, pedagogy and modes of assessment of specific alternative schools across India. We visited alternative schools across the country and documented what makes these schools different from mainstream schools. For this research, we visited and assessed two schools, Digantar in Jaipur and Aarohi in Kelamangalam. Their practices were documented and published in newspapers and magazines.

Library programme to enhance critical thinking

has been designed as a research project. To measure the outcome of this programme, an assessment framework was created on the basis of which an observational tool was developed to document the process of the library sessions.