Azima Khatoon

Azima: Leader, Performer, Model student

Uzanbazar Govt. High School & Community Library Regular

A noisy girl? No, I am not afraid to speak

When we discussed with the regular students at the library how to share the responsibility of keeping the library in order, they suggested forming a student council. The children decided to hold an election to elect a president of the council. Azima, one of our more boisterous library students, was the first to step forward to ‘canvass’ for the post of president. Her fiery and eloquent speech made her the first president of the council. That day, she convinced us that she is much more than ‘a noisy girl’.

A knack for performing!

With her clear enunciation and vocal control and her ability to remember lyrics, Azima is an excellent singer. She has now started singing lessons to her friends at the Community Library. She also has a flair for telling stories: the way she becomes one with the story and her capacity to modulate her tone according to the dialogue mesmerizes us.

A model student

A student of Uzanbazar Shishu Bidyalaya, Azima aced her annual exam and proved once again that she indeed is the model student of her class. This has not happened overnight. Her dedication, hard work and adherence to the guidance of her teachers over time have paid off. Remembering her days at school before she became a member of the library, Azima expressed heartfelt gratitude to the educators in our library who made this possible.

The first trip that made the difference

While most students pack their bags to perhaps visit their grandparents’ home during the holidays, Azima with her sister Taslima came to our library during the summer break of 2019. Her mother and brother work as daily wage labour, and Azima visits the library after doing the household chores. Azima says. ‘The library has made me the person I am: it has given me the confidence that I can do well in every aspect of life.’

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