Exposure Visit

We arrange exposure visits to our library to give educators a glimpse of the processes and functioning of a vibrant library.

Mentoring Programme

We provide support to the grassroot organizations working on the field of education. This program is held in both offline and online mode. First we conduct offline workshops with the organizations. After that we conduct onsite support visits to these organizations to see the implementation of their learning from the workshops, their  progress and the challenges they faced in their field. We also conduct monthly meetings through online mode to get the updates of their work and discuss how we can support them in implementing those methods.

English accelerated learning programme

This programme helps teachers to teach children with exposure to English pick up the basic skills of speaking, reading, writing English within a span of 6 to 8 months. By providing participants with a package of activities, worksheets and curricular materials like flashcards, description cards and word charts, demonstrating its usages, enables them to teach basic English skills. 

Assamese Accelerated Learning Programme

This programme helps teachers in teaching children the basics of Assamese in the form of a bridge course. By exploring the current theories of language learning, it enables the participants to create contextual curricular materials like stories, worksheets, flashcards based on the balanced approach of language learning. It helps them teach language as a process of meaning making that takes into account children’s immediate surroundings. 

Teaching SCERT English textbooks at Primary level

This programme focuses on three critical aspects of teaching english:objectives of English teaching and learning, pedagogy of English language and assessment of English language pedagogy. By demonstrating the usages of different curricular materials: picture-books, story-boards,flash cards and enabling participants to create curricular materials and detailed lesson plans on the chapters in English SCERT Text-books between Class I-VIII, it helps teachers teach in a child-friendly and learner centric manner.

Teaching SCERT Assamese Text- Book At Lower Primary Level

 This programme focuses on the objective of Assamese teaching and learning, pedagogy of Assamese language and assessment of Assamese language pedagogy. By demonstrating the usages of curricular materials like picture-books, description cards, charts, flash cards for SCERT Assamese textbooks of class I- V, it enables participants to create them and teach children in an effective manner.

Creating Vibrant Libraries

 This workshop provides participants with philosophical perspectives and pedagogical support to enable them to set up vibrant libraries that encourage meaningful engagement with books and reading practices. 

Creative Expressions and Critical Thinking

This workshop designed on the educational ideas of Paulo Freire, enables teachers to develop skills of creative self expression, confidence to express one’s ideas in a group and problem solving skills.

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