Anubhav - A learning center

What we do:

Anubhav Learning Center is a space for children, youth and community members in Sonaipam village, Lokhra in Sonitpur district of Assam. The children are provided support in academic and non-academic skills. The Learning Centre has a library stocked with an exciting range of age appropriate, contextual children’s literature, activity kits, and art and craft supplies. It will have an outdoor park with a slide, swing set, seesaw and other play materials for children. Here we engage with children’s through:

  • Regular Events: Events such as Summer workshops, Literature fest  and Annual sports week will be conducted every year  for children. Children from different schools will participate and showcase their creative abilities and talents through these events. These events will showcase different forms of dance, singing, drama performances, puppet shows of children of this area.
  • Academic support to both adults and children: We will teach children academic subjects through methods of experiential learning. We will hold adult literacy classes to help interested adults learn both English and Assamese.
  • Outdoor activities:Recreational activities involving fun games aimed at the overall development of children in cognitive, language, social, physical and aesthetic domains.
  • NEET’s library programme: Activities like read-aloud, book talks, reading, theater, art and craft, dance, music will be conducted to develop children’s abilities of critical thinking and creative expression. Book related games will also be added as a creative thinking idea to well know the child’s presence of mind and the ability to memorize and learn things.


Anubhav- NEET’s Learning Center will benefit people of 4 villages -Sonaipam, Sonaimiri, Buragaon,
Lokhra, mainly belonging to Nepali, Dafla, Mising, Assamese and Adivasi communities. The inhabitants
of these villages are daily wage earners, dairy farmers or subsistence farmers and belong to the
economically weaker section. The center will provide children, young adults and graduates of Lokhra a
space with a positive educational culture and learning environment during their growing up years.

Our Goals for the Programme:

  1. To develop children’s abilities of  critical thinking and creative expression by engaging them in activities such as read-aloud, books-talks, reading, theater, science experiments, art and craft, music, dance, etc.
  2. To empower students to achieve their academic and personal goals via opportunities for enhanced learning, interpersonal development, personal responsibility, and leadership through regular events like Summer workshop, Annual Sports Week and Children’s Literature festival.
  3. To provide academic support to children by teaching school subjects through child-friendly pedagogy free of cost so that they can cope up with their schools’ academic rigor.
  4. To provide equal access to quality educational materials like books, magazines, art and craft materials to marginalized children.

Contact Us

  • House no.18, near Cafe Karma, Lamb Road, Dighalipukhuri East, Guwahati, Kamrup(M), Assam, PIN- 781001