Deepa Das

Deepa Das: Educator

Head Teacher, Jaipur Prathomik Vidyalaya, Guwahati, Assam

When NEET approached me with the idea of implementing the Language Learning Programme in our school, I was sceptical if it would be feasible. But I was curious to understand about its practical application on our pupils,” said Deepa Das.

The head teacher also asserted that she has been working with Jaipur Prathomik Vidyalaya for ages, “I was intricately involved with countless teachers’ training programmes arranged by the Government of Assam.”

When inquired if they were able to implement their learnings and use the resources they acquired during those programmes, she stated that they only have two teachers. “The idea of training the teachers and teachers coming back to school with the resources to execute in the class along with the school curriculum seems far-fetched. While we struggle to keep up with the syllabus, the growing number of students in each class has proven to be a challenge for us,” said the head teacher.

She also said that the growing education gap between the students of their school and others is apparent. The lack of teachers has only exacerbated the issue.

When asked whether the Language Learning Programme of NEET has brought any change to the learning environment at the school, she said, “I could see the development, several students came back to class and started attending regularly. NEET’s Language Learning Programme was stimulating and interesting for our students and the programme was successful in promoting students’ engagement through various fun-filled activities. The story telling sessions and its related activities have helped them in language development.”

“Teaching  slow learners has always been a challenge but the teaching methods applied by NEET with diverse approaches, for instance, picture book, displays, storytelling, etc., has helped the students to overcome learning issues,” Deepa Das added.

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