Lakshi Gogoi

Lakshi Gogoi (1)

Lakshi Gogoi from Chenikuthi LP School

Appreciation of Innovative Teaching Methods:


Lakshi Ma’am expresses great satisfaction with the fun-based techniques through which our team conducts Assamese demonstration classes. She finds the techniques motivating compared to traditional methods, noting that students grasp language easily through games and activities, when they have freedom to speak and learn.


Encouraging Oral Language Development:


To foster oral language development, Lakshi Ma’am incorporates storytelling into her lessons, and utilizes various methods in the classroom which the children find interesting. For instance, she conducts pre-activities to help students understand the story’s structure, and during the activity, she encourages students to express their opinions—a practice uncommon in traditional classrooms. After storytelling, she engages students with story-related questions based on their prior experiences. 

Diverse Teaching Techniques:

Lakshi Ma’am teaches rhymes, role play, and read-aloud techniques with students actively participating in these activities. She utilizes Teaching-Learning Materials (TLM) provided by us, such as alphabet flashcards and word worksheets, along with reading and writing strategies demonstrated by our team like guided reading-writing, shared reading-writing, and independent reading-writing to enhance students’ literacy skills. 


Acknowledgement of effectiveness:


Lakshi Ma’am uses TLMs effectively in her classroom while conducting her classes. She states that, “I have been teaching Assamese for years, but I never knew that language can be taught through such fun-filled activities. These methods are highly beneficial for students”. 


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