Pratima Sharma


Student of Kamrup Academy & NEET's Community Library regular


Pratima Sharma had a turn of events when she first interacted with our educators in a library programme at her school. Taslima, a friend of hers, reassured that by visiting here, her afternoons would not be spent idly as it used to earlier. Inquisitive about the various activities here, Pratima, over a period of time, saw herself well acquainted with the environment of this library.

A second Home

Her first activity at our library was to portray the role of a monkey after listening to the read aloud of a book on animals. This was a game changer for her and drew her to the library. Pratima developed a sense of safety and warmth being surrounded by supportive and encouraging facilitators. Pratima found the environment at our library a place she could happily call a second home. Coming from a not so pleasant background, she puts a lot of trust in us when she shares her daily schedules and hurdles without having the fear of being misjudged.

Her first Book

The first book that fascinated her in our library was “14 Nigonir Grihoprobekh. It is her favorite, the reason being it displays the art of cooperation amongst friends. Pratima had practiced her book reading on the same. Another bucket list book is the Chandu ki Chaat, upon which she wishes to carry out the role of her chosen character. Pratima understood the essence of this activity and often puts herself in the other person’s shoes, something which most of us usually forgets. She has significantly developed her empathizing nature.

Exploring hidden talents

Before coming to the library, she did not appreciate the art of drawing. The weekly art classes developed her interest in art and aesthetic sense. She now proudly boasts her prizes that she won in various competitions. Another feather in the cap is her interest in mathematics, which has also helped her excel in several number-based activities

IPS Dreams

Her dreams are such that keep her awake. The sparkle and undeviating focus in her eyes fails to disappear when she hears IPS officer. She believes that a woman should be strong graceful and independent which is why she wishes to set an example in the society that no matter whatsoever restriction one’s fortune has put them under, they may emerge to be fearless with sheer determination. Pratima’s childhood has not been easy, as her family dwells in a corner of a Arikati Basti. She says that the pain she endures daily, is not what she wants others to feel. “Isn’t kindness the essence of roleplaying?” wonders this young girl. She believes that the teachings imparted to her by our educators through stories and history. Also the constant love and affection received here, is what will empower her and others to change the future. She wants the people to live in a better society.



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