Language Learning Programme

What We Do

Through the Language Learning programme, NEET is engaged with 18 government schools in 3 clusters of Kamrup (M), Assam.  We focus on improving children’s learning level in language, both English and Assamese by providing support to teachers on teaching the same.

 How We Approach:

  1. Assessment: We  assess children’s learning levels in Assamese and English. Depending on their performance we either teach them the English/Assamese Accelerated programme or through our teacher guiding documents created in alignment with school Assamese/English textbooks. We also conduct periodic assessments to document children’s progress.
  2. Conduct demonstration classes: We  conduct language classes in the presence of school teachers by using specially designed curricular materials that provide children with learning experiences to connect the process of language learning with their lived experiences. As curricular materials we use picture-books,storytelling, read-aloud, flashcards, storyboards, activities, discussions and worksheets
  3. Teacher support: We discuss with teachers the progress of their children and offer them support in teaching language according to our teacher guiding documents.

Our Beneficiaries

NEET’s Language Learning Programme benefits children and teachers of government schools or low income private schools

Our Goals for the Programme

To help children of Lower Primary and Upper Primary Schools learn the basic skills of Assamese and English respectively.

-Develop teachers’ proficiency in English so that they can provide exposure to oral English,create input-rich communicational environments by setting up a print rich classroom

-Discuss and develop effective teaching strategies with teachers and provide support in creating learner centric TLMs to enhance the process of language learning.

Chronicles of our Language Learning Programme

Based on our experiences of working with government school children who lack the basic skills of language, we initiated the language learning programme in 2019 with children of Class VI-VIII of Kamrup Academy HS School. By 2020, we expanded the programme to all the six schools where the library programme in schools was running. We taught Assamese to the children of 2 LP Schools and English to children of 4 High Schools by taking classes in Assamese through our specially designed curricular materials created in alignment with school textbooks.

In 2022, we changed this programme’s approach and began involving teachers in our processes. Rather than teaching language to children directly, we discuss with teachers the requirements and needs of the children and offer them support in teaching language. We signed an MoU SSA, Assam to extend our programme to 18 government schools in three clusters of Kamrup(m), Assam. 

Contact Us

  • House no.18, near Cafe Karma, Lamb Road, Dighalipukhuri East, Guwahati, Kamrup(M), Assam, PIN- 781001