Bishal Das

Bishal Das: A shy boy turned storyteller

Student of Kamrup Academy & NEET's Community Library regular

The first visit

Bishal, a student of Kamrup Academy in Guwahati, is a regular visitor to our library. His friend Sahil brought him to our library for the first time two years ago. A very shy boy, he did not talk or question anyone. He observed and explored the space while sitting in a corner of the reading room.

The library activist

He is now out of his shell, he occupies a special place in our library. From keeping books in order, cleaning the bookshelves, participating in all the library activities, to putting games back inside their boxes, Bishal is an active member of our library. He manages to keep the educators busy with his curious and never-ending questions. Bishal invites his school friends to visit the library, and his brother Ashish and friend Akash have also started coming to our library regularly. Every day, he reads a storybook and tries to find another angle of the story or give a different ending to the same story.

The award-winning storyteller

Bishal and his two friends create skits from the storybooks they read and perform them every week in our library. He had participated in the state-level Storytelling Competition 2021, performing the story “Catch that crocodile”, which he had read in our library. He won the second prize. His teachers appreciated his efforts and have noticed a remarkable change in him. Bishal says, ‘I have learned the art of storytelling at NEET. Our teachers at the library teach us so many things.”

Busy bee Bishal

During the lockdown, Bishal kept in touch with the educators and shared how he is keeping himself busy during the long hours. He discussed online courses for school students which he can join in the comfort of his home. He has started writing a diary during this lockdown. In one of the conversations with the educator he said, ‘Ma’am, will my diary get famous some day, like Anne Frank’s diary?’

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