Raj Das


Student of Kamrup Academy & NEET's Community Library regular

A Strong Desire to Connect

Raj, a quiet and observant child, made his first visit to NEET’s Community Library in 2021, accompanied by three friends. Despite his partial hearing and speech impairment, Raj’s keen interest in books and his desire to connect with others quickly became apparent. In the company of his newfound reader friends, Shreyashree and Arnav, Raj discovered a place where he felt at home.

A Passionate Book Lover

During his initial visits, Raj would spend hours in a corner of the library, engrossed in illustrating scenes from the books he found. Recognising his love for reading, the library team supported his reading journey and introduced him to read-aloud sessions. The experience left a profound impression on Raj, and he expressed a strong desire to attend these sessions regularly. He developed a particular interest in wordless picture books, finding joy in exploring the stories they conveyed through their illustrations. Through the library, Raj not only gained access to a wide variety of captivating books but also found an avenue to forge new friendships.

An Enthusiastic Young Boy

Living with his parents and brother, Raj’s passion for art blossomed at a young age. Despite his inability to hear or speak, he demonstrates a remarkable ability to understand everything he reads or is read aloud to him. Raj communicates with his mother through hand movements, affectionately calling her “Ma”, and refers to his brother as “Dada”. Raj’s enthusiasm is evident in his regular visits to the library and active participation in various events and programs organised by the facilitators of the library.

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